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Showing Appreciation During National Volunteer Week

Showing Appreciation During National Volunteer Week

April 12 – 18, 2015 is National Volunteer Week and it is a great time to appreciate your volunteers! They have a number of excellent resources available for you to use as part of your appreciation efforts. Recognition and appreciation…

Creating Workplaces With Intention

Creating Workplaces with Intention

At Engaged HR, we are very interested in the whole concept of being intentional about the kind of workplace we create. One of our values is Intentional and what that means to us is that “our thoughts and our actions…

A More Human Approach To The Workplace

A More Human Approach to the Workplace

Who do you want to be a human to? Sounds crazy I know but in today's busy workplaces, this can get lost and sometimes we are just numbers, just tasks on someone's to-do list or even just someone's problem. What…

How To Create A Resilient Staff

How to Create a Resilient Staff

By: Lyndsey Nelson I recently attended a webinar on Building Resiliency in the World of Work, led by Lisa Bull, Director of Employee and Manager Development at Ceridian HCM. This was such an incredibly insightful webinar that looked at the…

Flexibility Is A Game Changer

Flexibility is a Game Changer

By: Lyndsey Nelson Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges in workplaces today. Employers are constantly looking for ways to keep and engage this talent and offer something that other organizations may not be. Flexibility in…

Taking Recognition To The Next Level

Taking Recognition to the Next Level

  • September 25, 2011

In my previous post, I discussed ways to develop a Culture of Recognition and thanks to everyone for reading!  I am a firm believer in developing an organizational culture that focuses on acknowledging people's contributions and, as Jim Kouzes and…

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